Friday, May 22, 2015

Undergraduate ELT Conference

Yesterday, I was in the 1st Undergraduate ELT Conference which was organized by Elt Student Council in Marmara University. I am also in the Marmara University as a pre-service teacher. This conference was completely arranged by pre-service teachers. Volunteer students made presentations in some topics such as differentiated instruction, motivation, student autonomy. There were also some teacher trainers and instructors as a presenter, which give us a chance to see different points, views, methods. Especially, the presentation "21st Century Teachers" affected me deeply since the world is changing and the technology is improving so fast. We've to catch up innovations. To sum up, everybody is complaining about something in education.We should just leave talking and complaining and do something useful. This conference was the good example for us. If we want to change something and live up to 21st century's expectations, we need these activities in every university. I believe the students in this conference will be the best teachers in Turkey. I want to thank my friends for this organization.

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