Friday, October 28, 2016

Rubric to Evaluate students

I think teachers should use a checklist to see students behaviours, notes, attitudes etc. weekly. The one I shared with you is my checklist. Every week I fill the checklist according to my criterias. One can follow students' progress with this checklist also Ts can show this to parents in the P.meeting, which will be easier to explain them students' performance in the classroom.

A)Creativity in personal work; Participation in the lesson; Contributions to the lesson; Co-operation in groups or pairs; Completing tasks and  assignments in time:  high (3) , medium (2), low (1)
B)Interruptive and distractive behaviour in the class;  Positive behaviour in the class; very often (5); often (4); sometimes (3); rarely(2); never (1)
C) attitude towards the teacher; Attitude towards peers: very positive (3); neutral (2); bad (3); very bad (4)
D)Weekly homework flow: Neat and regular (3); not so neat and regular (2); never does (1)

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