Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Page Middle School( United States )

This summer I came The USA, Page, Arizona to work in a restourant and travel the United States. It's a kind of a university program that students come to America and work three months then travel a little bit then go back their countries. I met a woman who is a math teacher  here and I requested her to arrange me an observation in her school. It was so beneficial for me. I learned a lot about their education and teaching. The school is huge, has 600 students and every facility such as gymnasium, big cafe, musical classes, big library filled with computers and diffrent books and an infirmary.The first thing that attracted me in the building  is all the teachers have their own classes and every break students change the classes according to their schedule. This is really good for teachers because you can create the class however you want and you can use the class more suitable for you. Teachers have their own computers in the classes and they check attendance in the computer program POwerTeacher and send it to officials online. After the attendance check , The teacher gave every student that came to the class a ticket in which ıt is written thanks for coming. Every week the school gives awards to students according to their tickets. Also all the classes have computers for students and they use them actively in the classes. Every day teachers have 55 minutes preparetion time. Also, They are observed in the classes every month by somebody official in the school and after observation they get feedback. This is an goverment policy but implemented by States. Another thing that I really got impressed is about the price of meals in the cafe. If your familys' income is under 1500$, you can get the meal free. I've seen lots things but these are the only ones that I remember now... I want to confess that this is an goverment school and better than most of the private schools in Turkey. It was a really good experience

This is a greeting from the students,
Thank you Denise  :)






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