Friday, March 28, 2014

Evaluation of a webquest

Dear friends,

        This week's project is evaluation of a webquest. It was a extra ordinary project. I thought much on  this projoect. There are two famous websites that are Zunal and Questgarden. I believe webquesting can be hard tool for teachers and students because Turkish students can have difficulty in understanding so teacher have to tailor this project to studenst.But, if they can handle this project, It can be beneficial for students and they can enjoy it. 
         My webquest is about Australia from Zunal. Students can learn about the cities and the capital of Australia thanks to this project


Motivational effectiveness of Introduction: We can  see what is going to come or what I am going learn  after finishing the project clearly and shortly, There is also a picture of Kangaroo which resprensts Australia. 2/2

Cognitive Effectiveness of the Introduction : The introduction makes some reference to learner's prior knowledge and previews to some extent what the lesson is about. 1/2


Connection of Task to Standards: The task is referenced to standards and is clearly connected to what students must know and be able to do to achieve proficiency of those standards. 4/4

Cognitive Level of the Task: Task is doable but is limited in its significance to students' lives. The task requires analysis of information and/or putting together information from several sources.3/6


Clearity of Process: Some directions are given, but there is missing information. Students might be confused. 2/4

Scaffolding of Process: Strategies and organizational tools embedded in the process are insufficient to ensure that all students will gain the knowledge needed to complete the task.
Some of the activities do not relate specifically to the accomplishment of the task. 3/6

Richness of Process: Few steps, no separate roles assigned 0/4

Resources: There aren't any resources.So, we can understand that students have to find resources. This can be difficult for students. 0 Point

Evaluation: Criteria for success are not described. 0 Point

Total 15/ 50 :(

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